Tom Acornley standing for Shelley on May 4th

Tom Acornley, the Labour Party’s candidate for Shelley ward on Epping Forest District Council, has a special reason to stand for election on May 4.

“I’m disabled and use a wheelchair all the time. Since being in a wheelchair, I’ve realised I’m not listened to and don’t feel represented nationally or locally. I can’t be the only person that feels this way, I’ve decided to stand and if elected I will hopefully be able to help people from all backgrounds.”

Aged 43, Tom and his partner live in Ongar, and have a six-year-old daughter

Tom, who works in the motor trade, said:

“We need a change in direction, both nationally and particularly locally. Since I have been involved, I have heard about lots of issues around social housing which are heart-breaking. I feel passionately about green issues. I want to help local people and the issues which are important to them.”

Tom has been elected unopposed to become a councillor for Ongar Town Council representing its Shelley Ward alongside Labour colleague Diana Roberts representing Greensted ward.

Please see the following link, for information on all our candidates in the Epping Forest and Town Council wards in the Brentwood and Ongar Constituency.