Susan Kortlandt

Susan Kortlandt stepping up for Hutton East

Since retiring from her job as a teacher, Labour Party candidate for  Hutton East Sue Kortlandt has been active in the local community, volunteering with Citizens Advice and most recently, starting as Covid struck, with Brentwood Mutual Aid.

Now, though, after campaigning on issues such as mobile phone coverage  and the climate emergency, she is seeking to get closer to the centre of decision-making as a councillor.

“I will aim to be a voice for local residents in raising any concerns they have, whether over inappropriate development, too little social or affordable housing, the loss of green spaces or historic buildings and putting pressure on Essex County Council over the woeful state of public transport. I believe that Brentwood Borough Council currently seems pre-occupied on bringing in income, rather than delivering value for money, which needs to change.”

“I believe a councillor’s first priority is improving the life of local residents and delivering services that will make a difference. Therefore, as the council makes efforts to balance the books in the light of continued funding cuts, it should focus heavily on maintaining the services and activities that really matter to the people of Brentwood. This means identifying the best of what the council can do, rather than cutting services without consideration.”

Sue knows that, if elected on May 4, she will probably be in opposition.

“But then that’s OK, because there needs to be an opposition in a democracy.”

Hutton resident Noor Hussain says: 

“Susan is passionate about making a difference for Hutton East. We need her representing us at the Council and helping to bring the change across Brentwood we all need.”


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  1. Jeff Stafford avatar
    Jeff Stafford

    Dear Sue,

    All the best for your campaign, I will let our members in Hornchurch & Upminster CLP know that you require help in Brentwood so please feel free to email any details of where & when assistance is required.

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