ELizabeth Jerrard standing in front of Brentwood Library

New Brentwood South team member: Elizabeth Jerrard

With the redrawing of ward boundaries, Liz Jerrard has been chosen as the third member of the Brentwood South Labour team, alongside Gareth Barrett and Tim Barret. She knows the ward well having been part of the team that has seen Labour win the last two elections in Brentwood South, with substantial majorities over the Conservatives.

Liz is a determined supporter of community facilities, being involved in campaigns to save our local libraries, and making sure that activities are available that engage all the generations of local residents. She has worked hard locally to preserve our local green spaces as important focal points in the community, and is a great supporter of our local businesses and High Streets.

Liz has lived in Brentwood for over 20 years and commutes into London where she works as a software project manager with experience from different industries, including telecoms, entertainment, and financial services. You can often find Liz running the streets of Brentwood, or at the South Weald weekly Parkrun. She is also a keen cyclist and frequently seen on her bike going to and from the station.

Elizabeth Jerrard said:

“I am excited to be given the opportunity to represent you, join the Brentwood South Labour team and help make a difference for our local community .”


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  1. […] you add to that a competent and experienced slate of Labour candidates, such as Liz Jerrard and Councillor Dr Tim Barrett, there is every reason to vote Labour to keep the Conservatives out […]

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