Brentwood & Ongar is between Labour and the Conservatives

Polling of 14,000 voters by YouGov, reported today in the Daily Telegraph, shows the battle for Brentwood and Ongar is between Labour and the Conservatives.

Tactical voters over the years, hoping to replace the Conservatives, have been led to believe that the Liberal Democrats hold second place, which in turn has lead to Brentwood Borough Council being made up of 18 Conservatives, 17 Liberal Democrats and 2 Labour councillors.

But in truth, Labour has come ahead of the Liberal Democrats at the last three general elections as this poll confirms Labour’s popularity in Brentwood and Ongar.

If you add to that a competent and experienced slate of Labour candidates, such as Liz Jerrard, Mayor Dr Gareth Barrett and Councillor Dr Tim Barrett standing in Brentwood South ward, there is every reason to vote Labour to keep the Conservatives out at the local elections in May.


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