Promotional leaflet for Gareth Barrett

Dr Gareth Barrett – it’s time for a change

Gareth’s five missions:

  • Tackle the cost of living crisis
  • Bring investment to Brentwood & Ongar
  • A local doctor & dentist when you need it
  • Give children the best start in life
  • Create safer communities

With Labour finishing second in the constituency in the last two general elections and the latest polling in Brentwood & Ongar putting the gap between Labour and the Tories at less than 10%, change is possible!

Labour’s Gareth Barrett can beat the Conservatives in Brentwood & Ongar.

Chart of predicted % share of the vote for all parties
Source: Survation MRP Poll projection for Brentwood & Ongar, Spring 2024

Gareth writes:

“Dear Residents,

Standing to be Member of Parliament for my local community is a real privilege. Brentwood & Ongar is my home, it is where I grew up, went to school and made my life.

Our community, with its unique mixture of towns, villages and countryside, gave me a fantastic start to life, providing a safe, healthy environment to learn, grow and live. I had a brilliant start at St. Peter’s South Weald and the Headley Walter High School before University, enabling me to have a fulfilling career and in turn, buy a home, in Brentwood.

I want to secure the opportunities I was given growing up in Brentwood & Ongar for future generations, to end the chaos of the last 14 years and restore our home back to its best. This is your chance not only to vote for real change, but to be part of a journey towards a brighter future for Brentwood & Ongar.

Change is possible and a better Brentwood & Ongar can be realised – let’s make it happen, together.


Contact Gareth by email at:


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