Labour Party members standing in the street as a group while canvassing in Brentwood South ward

Brentwood Campaign 2023

Brentwood and Ongar Constituency covers all fifteen wards in Brentwood Borough Council and seven wards as part of the Epping Forest District Council.

These are the fifteen wards in Brentwood Borough Council surrounding Brentwood:

Results May 2023

Tim Barrett turned in an outstanding result in Brentwood South, bucking the trend across Brentwood Borough and securing the opportunity to shape the next administration as the council returns to no overall control.

Brentwood North
Mark RobertLewisLiberal Democrats945Elected
SatyanLalThe Conservative Party Candidate286
EleanorBrownLabour Party204

Brentwood South
Tim NicholasBarrettLabour Party796Elected
Adam JackChinneryThe Conservative Party Candidate370
Arthur HaroldLeathleyLiberal Democrats261

Brentwood West
Stephen JohnMayoLiberal Democrats929Elected
Thomas DanielRaynerThe Conservative Party Candidate339

Brizes & Doddinghurst
Clifford EdwardPoppyThe Conservative Party Candidate891Elected
Florina EmiliaConstandaLiberal Democrats259
KevinBraileyLabour Party141
Paul FrancisJeaterGreen Party candidate88

Herongate, Ingrave & West Horndon
Fiona ElizabethMarshThe Conservative Party Candidate595Elected
Anne ValerieLongLiberal Democrats167
Jane ElizabethWinterLabour Party116

Hutton Central
No election

Hutton East
BenjaminRigbyLiberal Democrats448Elected
JanakPatelThe Conservative Party Candidate324
Susan MargaretKortlandtLabour and Co-operative Party140

Hutton North
Janet IrenePoundThe Conservative Party Candidate493Elected
Philip PaulHollandLabour Party212
Laura Justine MargaretCareyLiberal Democrats154
Paul NicholasGodfreyReform UK64

Hutton South
No election

Ingatestone, Fryerning & Mountnessing
Hugh MauriceGortonLiberal Democrats911Elected
Noelle ChristinaHones-ClokeThe Conservative Party Candidate745
Joanna MargaretMoncrieffLabour Party98

Pilgrims Hatch
Victoria FrancesDaviesLiberal Democrats956Elected
Gordon William FrankCowleyThe Conservative Party Candidate214
Cameron FrederickBallLabour Party114
David MarkHaleGreen Party candidate31

David HowardWorsfoldLiberal Democrats890Elected
Thomas EdwardGordonThe Conservative Party Candidate710
AnneMilwardGreen Party candidate94
Elizabeth SusanJerrardLabour Party56

South Weald
Brenner JackMundenLiberal Democrats359Elected
Jonathan MarkClokeThe Conservative Party Candidate170
Samuel ThomasAndreettiLabour32

Tipps Cross
Roger JohnMcCheyneThe Conservative Party Candidate553Elected
Brent McCowanSmithIndependent389
Thomas AlanActonLabour Party82

Jason JosephLaplainLiberal Democrats870Elected
Jason WilliamGibsonThe Conservative Party Candidate450
MalcolmBurgessLabour Party160
JulianGoodeGreen Party candidate76

Labour’s Manifesto for Brentwood

Finger post pointing to different places in Brentwood town centre

1. Invest in local services, and infrastructure, while bringing services like parking and billing back to Brentwood, providing real opportunity for all residents

2. Deliver sustainable housing development, affordable homes for our borough’s young people and familieswhile protecting our green spaces

3. Champion the community with real support for our volunteers, charities and services

4. Demand the County Council finally delivers to improve our roads, libraries and schools

5. Breathe new life into our community and promote our location as a great place for business

Candidates for Brentwood

Brentwood Borough Council

Brentwood North

portrait of candidate Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor is a student embarking on a career in politics. She points out that of the thirty-six councillors only a quarter are women and none under 25. She intends to represent everyone in our community fully. A young woman, who went to school at Brentwood County High, works in the local High street and lives at the heart of Brentwood, she will speak on behalf of all people in Brentwood, and aims to make under-represented groups in Brentwood heard.

Brentwood South

portrait of candidate Tim Barrett

Dr. Tim Barrett

Tim is a scientist working in cancer research, and has a passion for planning, environment and housing issues, as well as promoting community facilities

Brentwood West

portrait of candidate Richard Millwood

Dr. Richard Millwood

Richard is an action-researcher developing educational technology and feels that the Brentwood Borough Council needs an active, principled opposition so that it is challenged to improve the lives of Brentwood people.

Brizes and Doddinghurst

portrait of candidate Kevin Brailey

Kevin Brailey

Kevin is a volunteer charity worker and cricket enthusiast and is passionate about maintaining a moral and ethical stance on international affairs, starting at home here in Brentwood.

Herongate, Ingrave and West Horndon

portrait of candidate Jane Winter

Jane Winter

Jane is a retired health service manager and parish councillor who champions the grass roots on the parish councils of Brentwood so that residents are listened to for their knowledge, competence and experience.

Hutton Central

no election in 2023

Hutton East

portrait of candidate Susan Kortlandt

Susan Kortlandt

Sue is a retired educator and Citizens’ Advice volunteer who has a special interest in housing and the environment.

Hutton North

portrait of candidate Philip Holland

Philip Holland

Phil is a Shared Lives officer in adult social care with Essex County Council, an adult foster care service for people with disabilities and as with his day job, wants to champion social justice especially for the most vulnerable members of our society.

Hutton South

no election in 2023

Ingatestone, Fryerning and Mountnessing

portrait of candidate Joanna Moncrieff

Prof. Joanna Moncrieff

Jo is a practicing NHS psychiatrist, University teacher and researcher, who believes the Labour party will help make the UK a fairer society, by supporting the health service, education and housing sectors and investing for the future.

Pilgrims Hatch

portrait of candidate Cameron Ball

Cameron Ball

Cameron is a communications officer working in London, who would champion the housing needs for young people to live an independent and fulfilling life.


portrait of candidate Elizabeth Jerrard

Elizabeth Jerrard

Liz is a project manager for software systems, who would raise the bar of competence in the management of Brentwood Borough Council to make the most of the meagre funding provided by the Conservative government.

South Weald

portrait of candidate Sam Andreetti

Sam Andreetti

Sam is a student embarking on a career in politics, and as a young person who has lived in Brentwood his entire life, wishes not only to represent only his own ideas values and interests, but those of the whole community.

Tipps Cross

portrait of candidate Thomas Acton

Prof. Thomas Acton

Thomas is a retired university professor and local activist, born in Brentwood who wants to serve the whole community with integrity, and give something back for a lifetime of the welfare state.


portrait of candidate Malcolm Burgess

Malcolm Burgess

Malcolm is a writer and publisher who has lived in Brentwood for nearly forty years and who thinks the Labour Green Economy is the only way ahead locally and nationally for creating well-paid jobs and dealing with Climate Change.

Leaflets for Brentwood

Autumn 2022 – Brentwood Rose