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Chris Vince for Police and Crime Commissioner: Putting Policing back into the heart of Communities        

Chris Vince for Police and Crime Commissioner: Putting Policing back into the heart of Communities

In the last year violent crime in Essex increased by 14% yet since 2010 the number of Police Officers in the county has decreased by over 500. Our police has been underfunded by the Tories for years, and recent reports from the Her Majesty`s Inspector of Constabulary show that this had a real negative impact on the service we all receive.

If I am elected as Labour`s Police and Crime Commissioner I will focus on tackling the increase of violent crime across Essex and in particular the rise in domestic violence. I’ll do this by working to ensure that we have an effective, efficient and proactive police service that is in the heart of communities, to support victims as well as working to prevent crime. With my background in Education I understand how crime can affect communities and how vital a preventative approach to policing is.

I also want to help support police officers and police staff, who work really hard under increasingly difficult circumstances. That’s why, if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner in Essex, I will work hard to protect frontline policing and ensure that our officers are able to do their jobs and keep our people safe right across the Essex Police area .


Remember to vote in the PCC elections on May the 5th.  You have one vote in this election, use it to Vote Vince.

Do you have a question or a priority for Police & Crime Commissioner Labour Candidate Chris Vince?

Ask a question or tell Chris your priorities today, as essex residents alternative for police & crime commissioner he is listening.

Also here is a chance to see and listen to Chris Vince click here for video. And in his next video he will be able to reply to some of your posted questions.

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